Senior Phase curriculum pathways

Moving into the Senior Phase (S4-6)


Throughout a young person's time at school there are a number of key points in their journey; moving from nursery school to primary; the transition to secondary school; leaving school for college, university or to start a job.

One of the most important stops along the way is moving from broad general education stage (S1-S3) to the senior phase (S4-6) and the decisions around curricular planning and pathways that come with it. At Kilsyth Academy, we are committed to supporting all young people to leave us when the time is right for them, into a positive post-school destination such as employment, apprenticeship programmes, further or higher education. Hopefully, the information provided through this section of our web-site will support our young people to achieve this through personalising the right curricular pathway for them.

S5 and S6

A significant decision for those of you that are already 16, is the choice to remain at school beyond the statutory leaving age. School for you is now a voluntary endeavour! You, together with your parents/carers are responsible for your decision to stay on at school and in many ways this changes your relationship with the school. For those not yet 16, this change happens when you reach this milestone.

In addition, as you move into S5/6 you will increasingly focus on what you plan to do when you leave school. Therefore, it is crucial at this stage that we agree the most appropriate progression pathway for you. This includes ensuring you study the most appropriate courses at the correct level of study as you plan for your senior schooling. Different decisions will/could be taken on the basis of whether you are staying for S5 only or S5 and S6.

All pupils

They key question for our young people to consider with the help of their parents and carers is "What do I want to achieve by my leaving date to support my aspirations and ambitions when I leave school?"

To support you in making the right choices we have developed a range of pages within this section of the web-site that give you information, normally in the form of course outlines for the subjects and levels offered in the senior school. Please take time to read through the pages thoroughly and seek advice if you find anything unclear. Speak to your class teachers, your Pupil Support teacher or our careers officer. Research entrance qualifications for courses in universities, colleges and/or requirements for certain training opportunities and employment. Do not rely on hearsay, entrance requirements can change! Time taken to research properly will be of benefit to you in the long term.

We hope you find the information here helpful to you during the course planning process and that it answers some of the questions you have. Should you wish to discuss any aspect further please get in touch with your/your child's Pupil Support teacher in the first instance.You should also be aware that all courses are dependent on uptake and staffing and there is no guarantee at this stage that courses will run.

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